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Debra N

I just had carpeting put in from their installer George and his workmanship and speed was very impressive. My stairs were a single wrap and they sagged with time. George took the time to frame each step individually. It was time intensive but, he said these are called “Hollywood design” and they will never sag. The end result is beautiful.

The carpeting Michele picked out fit my home perfectly. She asked about my lifestyle, pets, active kids and traffic. That helped her show me the proper type of carpet and we love it!!

I have been in the airlines for 35yrs and these complaints sound like some of our passengers. Complaint letters about bad food, your seat selections and weather.

Its to bad Michelle and Lonnie don’t request the 99% satisfied customers to write in for them.
Your missing out on a fabulous design team if you don’t read between the lines on these reviews. Check them out yourselves.